2012 Edward A. Martin Undergraduate Prize Winners

The winners of the 2012  Edward A. Martin Undergraduate Prize are:


Machessa Samz, Marquette University, “Aquinas’ Account of the Truth of a Proposition: Socrates est albus” -- Supervising Professor: Dr David B. Twetten, M.S.L, Ph.D.

Honorable Mentions:

Garrett D. Ahlers, University of St. Thomas, (MN), "Whether God is in All Things? A Defense of Aquinas on God as the Source of Being" -- Supervising Professor: Dr. Gloria Frost, Ph.D. 

Seth Hendricks, Calvin College, "Extending Aquinas's Account: Providing a More Positive Role for Reason in the Assent of Faith" -- Supervising Professor: Dr. Rebecca De Young, Ph.D.